Opti-Myst – The Cold Smoke

By December 1, 2014Blog

The Opti-Myst system is something truly astonishing. While electric fires bring a lot of plus points, they lack the flames produced by gas fires, which have always brought with it a certain romance and charm. But producing a flame for a primarily electric fire would not only be a waste of fuel, but also redundant.


That is where Opti-Myst steps in. The clever system allows you to have the best of both worlds. Follow the diagrams below to find out how the system works.

Step 1

Opti-Mist Stage 1

Underneath the log effect ornament, there are a series of orange halogen bulbs. These heat the air above them


Step 2

Opti-Mist Stage 2

The unit also contains a water container. The water inside, refilled manually from a tap instead of fed constantly, is turned into mist by a transducer.


Step 3

Opti-Mist Stage 3

The mist hits the warm air, and rises with it. This mist then rapidly channels itself through the log effect ornament, giving the impression of an open flame.

The process is completely safe – you can run your things through the “flame” with no danger! And the effect looks uncannily like a real fire. To see the system in action, watch the video below.