The Elise Expression from Stovax looks to subvert some of the traditional style ideas commonplace within wood burning stoves. While it still strives to be a beautiful stove, it goes about it in a different style, by angling to be more minimalistic and modern. The clean frontage is something closer to what you would see in modern electric fires, and makes for a great frame for the dancing real flames contained within.

These style choices make it idea for the cutting edge livings rooms of today. It would look just as at home in these modern abodes as any modern fireplace would. Maybe it is time you made the switch to wood burning stoves.

Finish options


Additional information

Total Height

744mm (Small), 744mm (Medium), 824mm (Large)

Total Width

727mm (Sm), 867mm (Med), 1037mm (Lrg)

Total Depth

388mm (Sm), 436mm (Med), 436mm (Lrg)

Inset Height

550mm (Sm), 550mm (Med), 630mm (Lrg)

Inset Width

540mm (Sm), 680mm (Med), 850mm (Lrg)

Inset Depth

350mm (Sm), 395mm (Med), 395mm (Lrg)


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Fuel Type