Electric fires are a practical solution where gas or wood burning is not an option, or not required. Electric fires provide you with a glow and ambience which mimics a real fire without requiring a chimney or flue. Electric fires are the perfect solution if you are looking for easy installation, minimal maintenance and low running costs.

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There are a number of options available in terms of style, function and appearance, to help you find the perfect electric fires for your home or business we have categorised our range as follows:

Inset Electric Fires

Available in all styles from traditional to ultra modern, this type of electric fire is normally installed in a fireplace and requires a small depth (approx 100mm or 4 inches) for a flush fitting. Read more here.

Hang on the Wall Electric Fires

As the name suggests, this type of electric fire is normally hung like a picture frame making it very easy to install whilst saving on floor space by lifting the fire from off the ground. Available in mostly modern designs, however there are many options which offer a traditional twist. Read more here.

Electric Stoves

This type of electric fire offers the style and elegance of traditional wood burning stoves without the need for ventilation or solid fuel. Available in both modern and traditional styles, electric stoves are practical, portable and are fast becoming the must have choice for todays homeowner. Read more here.

Electric Fireplace Suites

This type offers an electric fire and fireplace surround as one complete easy to install component. If you are looking for complete fireplace suite (floor or wall mounted) which looks stylish and is easy to install, take a browse through our range of fireplace suites which are ready to install and plug in right out of the box. Read more here.

Hole in the Wall Electric Fires

This type of electric fire is normally inserted in to a cavity in the wall, this may be an existing or false chimney breast which accommodates the rear engine of the fire. This not only saves space by lifting the fire from off the floor, the depth of the fire sits further in to the cavity saving you space and creating a more flush finish. Read more here.

Outset Electric Fires

Similar in shape and size to electric inset fires, this type of electric fire is normally installed in a fireplace but requires no depth and can be installed against a flat surface. The rear body of the electric fire is then hidden with a “spacer kit” which covers the outer perimeter of the fire. Read more here.

How real do electric fires look?

Electric fires have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, investment has been focused on research and development of  the “flame picture” in particular. Our recent blog “The Evolution of Electric Fires” offers an insight into how electric fires have developed over the years.

Each manufacturer or brand has their own unique interpretation of a realistic flame picture, we always recommend visiting our showroom where you can view several electric fires on working display side by side.

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How much does it cost run an electric fire?

Contrary to popular opinion, electric fires can be very cheap to run. Electric fires offer 100% efficiency as there is no heat loss up a chimney or flue, and when they are run on “flame only” mode the cost to run is less that your average light bulb.

As many electric fires now use Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) this has significantly reduced the cost to run the electric fire on flame only without the fan heater.

Most electric fires will offer a maximum heat output of 2kw per hour with the ability to reduce this to the 1kw setting with a simple flick of a switch.

The cost can vary depending on how much you pay for your electricity, working on a average cost of 15p per kw hour, an electric fan heater should cost no more than 30p per hour to run at its maximum heat setting. Some models also offer thermostatic controls which can help you run the fire more efficiently.

Remember, gas fires and solid fuel fires will burn more fuel than the heat they produce and are only viable if you require more than 2kw of heat.

To find out how much it costs to run an average gas fire please visit our Gas Fires page.

No Chimney? No Flue? No Problem!

Electric fires are ideal if you do not have chimney or flue but still require the focal point of a fire. Modern apartment buildings, restaurants, bars and public spaces can be difficult spaces to accommodate some chimney and flue systems. Electric fires are the practical solution when faced with such scenarios.

Well insulated modern homes which have efficient heating systems installed seldom require an additional heating source, however they often require the style and elegance that a fireplace can bring to any living space.

As the Electric fire does not require a chimney or flue you can redesign your layout time and again to suit your lifestyle. Most models allow you to simply unplug and relocate without the need for a qualified electricians or experienced installers.

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Electric Fires – safe for Restaurants, Bars and Public Spaces

The ambience and warmth of a fire has been used to great effect by interior design teams for restaurants, hotels and bars. These spaces rarely require an additional heat source but the atmosphere created by burning embers and dancing flames helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in large open spaces.

The complications and costs to install and maintain gas and solid fuel fires make electric fires a practical alternative. In addition to the low maintenance and running costs the electric fires are extremely safe when compared to gas or solid fuel alternatives. Electric fires are safe to touch even when on heat mode as the heat is pushed in to the room via fan without holding or radiating any significant heat within the appliance itself.

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