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Flamerite Fires Official Stockists, Superior Fireplaces in Birmingham

Flamerite Fires is a family run manufacturing business based in Lichfield, West Midlands. Established since 1999 they have a long history of manufacturing electric fires with a keen focus on aesthetic design and performance. Electric fires are popular amongst our design conscious customers and Flamerite Fires offer some of the most radical and ground breaking designs available on the UK consumer market today.

Electric fires are primarily used for their aesthetic appearance and flame effect rather than heat output. Most if not all modern electric fires will offer some variation of a fan assisted heater with a maximum output of 2kw. The majority of research and development is focused on flame effect and Flamerite Fires offer a unique twist to bring what many say is the most realistic flame effect available today. All fires are available with a variety of colour and design options, and come with remote control as standard.

Flamerite Fires on display at our Birmingham Showroom

Flamerite Fires is committed to supporting independent retailers like Superior Fireplaces and products such as the Essence range are only available through independent retail showrooms. We have a wide range of Flamerite Fires which are fully operation for you to view at our Birmingham showroom. Please call us on 0121 382 4047 to check on the models available or to order a free brochure.

Flamerite Fires offer a huge variety of options

The Flamerite Fires product range can be broken down into the following categories, each product is built to a high standard featuring very realistic flame pictures and a design flair Flamerite Fires are synonymous with.

Wall Mounted Fires from Flamerite

These are modern electric fires without the additional fireplace surround which can be easily installed against any flat wall, very much like a mirror or TV. The Flamerite Fires range of wall hung options offer up a minimalist look with stylish trims and sleek finishes.

Flamerite Fires Wall Mounted Suites

Very much like the wall mounted fires above, Flamerite Fires also offer wall hung fireplaces. This is an all in one unit which includes both the fire and fireplace/surround. These fires are wall hung to allow your flooring to run right under the fireplace, the bulkier suite can help to fill up space on a large canvas whilst retaining the character and charm of a traditional mantel piece. Some of these suites offer 16 colour LED down lights as standard.

Flamerite Fires Floor Standing Suites

Similar to the Wall Mounted suites above, Flamerite Fires also offer larger modern fireplace suites that need to be placed on the floor. Again, they available as an all in one unit with multi coloured LED down lights available  on some models within the range.

Flamerite Fires range of Stoves and Cast Suites

Flamerite Fires also offer a range of traditional designs that are reminiscent of period fireplaces, however being electric means these traditional styled fireplaces can now be fitted almost anywhere without the need for a chimney or expensive installation costs. Flamerite Fires offer the look and feel of a period cast iron fireplace or stove without the running costs or maintenance. What’s more is they can be controlled from the comfort of your armchair.

Flamerite Fires range of Inset Fires

If you already have a fireplace and simply want to replace your existing 16″ fire then the Flamerite Fires range of inset electric fires are a perfect solution. Available as fully inset if you have the cavity space behind the fire or available as a flat wall version too. Again there are a multitude of options available to suit all tastes, ranging from traditional brass style fires to modern chrome and satin finishes.

If you have any questions regarding Flamerite Fires, please call and speak to one of our Flamerite Fires specialists on 0121 382 4047.