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Infinity Fires at Superior Fireplace in Birmingham

Infinity Fires are brought to you by the popular Shropshire manufacturing team Charton & Jenrick Group. Boasting a host of popular fireplace brands under their Group banner, Infinity Fires is the latest of these brands to be launched aimed exclusively at the contemporary fireplace market.

Infinity Fires made in Britain

Taking inspiration from fireplace designs from the continent, these fires however are designed by British engineers and designed exclusively for the British consumer market. Fireplaces from the Continent are quiet minimalist in that they do not always feature a traditional mantel and hearth. These contemporary fires focus on larger views of the burning fire chamber behind a large pane of glass giving you detailed views of the ceramic logs and fuel bed within. Bringing you closer to the the dancing flames and burning embers than ever before, Infinity fires are fast becoming a popular choice amongst British homeowners and interior designers alike.

Infinity Fires are designed with British homeowners and in particular British homes in mind. These fires are designed to comfortably fit into any chimney and there are alternative options if you don’t have an existing chimney too.

To see which Infinity Fires we have on display at our Birmingham Showroom please call our team on 0121 382 4047.

Infinity Fires: Stylish, Efficient and Versatile

Infinity Gas Fires and Infinity Electric Fires are available in a range of sizes, finishes and style so you will be sure to find something to suit your needs. They can be fitted into chimneys and flues for a modern clean look; they can also be incorporated in fireplace suites in a choice of traditional or modern styles.

Our Infinity Gas Fires Range

Within the Infinity gas fire range there are 17 models which are designed to fit class 1 & class 2 flues/chimneys. What makes these fires unique is that they can be fitted in pre cast flues down to 5″ diameter or equivalent cross section. This means British homes built in the 1970’s with flat wall pre cast flues (which generally don’t have much depth) can now benefit from these contemporary fires, this is unprecedented and opens up a host of new opportunities for these flue types which usually have limited options.

Infinity Fires come with the gadgets you would expect from a contemporary fire. Every fire is supplied with a thermostatic radio frequency remote control that not only allows you to switch the fire on and off from the comfort of your armchair it also allows you to set the perfect temperature for your room. The remote can also be wall mounted, to be used as a wall switch using the fixing kit supplied.

All fires in the range are designed to give one the most realistic flame pictures available from a modest gas input, this means cheaper running costs and no need for additional ventilation which equates to greater efficiency.

Our Infinity Electric Fires Range

With today’s efficient homes it is not always necessary to have a gas or wood burning fire in your room. If you require the ambient warmth from the look and feel of a real fireplace without the need for high heat outputs, then electric fires are ideal. Infinity Electric offer two electric fires which are are based on their best selling gas fires and are available to fit frameless in the wall or into a fireplace suite.

What better way to make your house a home, than with one of the stunning range of modern high efficiency fires from Infinity Fires?

Infinity Fire on display at our Birmingham Showroom

We stock a wide range of Infinity Fires gas and electric fires at our Birmingham showroom for you to view and operate before you buy. Our displays are constantly updated with the latest releases so please call our showroom on 0121 382 4047 to see which products from the Infinity Fires range you can expect to see on your visit.